A Unique Tradition To Uphold

While times have changed with technology taking over our daily lives, some occasions such as the Chinese tradition of Full Moon celebration for babies are still worth preserving. Let the little ones shine in prosperity with the Tomei and Sanrio Hello Kitty Full Moon Feature Collection.

Full Moon Celebration

In the ancient Chinese culture, the Full Moon celebration is held after the confinement month, in which the mother and child are then ‘presented’ or shown to close friends and relatives. It is also held to celebrate the baby’s early life survival as he/she will likely get into the adulthood stage, all the while guided and protected by their mother’s love and support.

Hello Kitty 916 Gold Pendant

Material Type: 916 Gold
Weight: 2.89g

This lovely Hello Kitty 916 gold pendant carries that notion of motherly love, as the Hello Kitty cuddles and holds her teddy bear so close and tight to her heart. The sweet and loving gesture will remind the wearer that she’ll always be protected, symbolising an eternal love from a mother to a daughter.

Hello Kitty 916 Gold Bracelet- Red Ribbons

Material Type: 916 Gold
Weight: 5.99g

Such a striking piece of bracelet that will perfectly adorn the little one’s delicate wrist, while the combination of red and gold symbolises good fortune and health. Fall in love with this Hello Kitty 916 gold bracelet, a perfect expression of fondness and adoration for the little one.

Hello Kitty 916 Gold Bracelet- Classic

Material Type: 916 Gold
Weight: 4.49g

A simple but meaningful token of love to bestow upon the young one – that’s what expressed in this Hello Kitty 916  gold bracelet. Here’s a special reminder for her that she’s never far from your mind, as the chains interlocking the bracelet connect her to you.

Hello Kitty 916 Gold Bracelet- Simple

Material Type: 916 Gold
Weight: 4.91g

Here’s a playful gesture to catch the baby’s eyes – the plaque that she can fiddle with when she wears the bracelet. This one-of-a-kind Hello Kitty 916 gold bracelet reminds one of a happy childhood, as the small word panel instantly makes one smile and feeling blessed.

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