Father, The Family Protector

Father’s Day is a celebration which honours all fathers and commemorates fatherhood, paternal bonds, and their influence in society. It is currently celebrated annually on the third Sunday of June.

916 Golden Square Bangle

Material Type: 916 Gold
Weight: 9.42g

The golden squares on the bracelet represent a father’s constant and relentless protection of his family. He is the backbone of the family, and is always there for the family to rely on no matter what happens. Give a gift of love in the form of this gold square bangle to the King of your heart to show your appreciation for his contributions to the family.

Classic 916 Gold Bangle

Material Type: 916 Gold
Weight: 13.93g

Fathers are always the “Superman” in the family – they always stay low in life, but they transform into heroes whenever their family needs them. This classic 916 gold bangle is suitable for dads who prefer to stay low-profile, and under the radar of fame, but we believe that he will surely shine like gold to be the hero for his children.

Shimmering 916 Gold Bangle

Material Type: 916 Gold
Weight: 8.82g

The love of a father shines and shimmers like a tender sun for the family. Fathers are tasked to provide both physical and emotional security for their children. They guide them in the right direction like the gleaming sun in the day and shining stars at night. Present this shimmering 916 gold bangle to the sun and star in your family.

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