Goldheart -Love Enduring

From an ode to a love that transcends time and place, to a memory of a mother’s lullabies and warm embrace – Goldheart commemorates the generous and kind-hearted angel on earth who we call mother – with a treasure trove of jewels.

Romantic Blue

There might be new milestones in a woman’s life, such as marriage and motherhood, but that does not mean the fires of romance should ever be allowed to fade into the background of a busy life.

Celebrating Mothers’ Day will be an occasion to remember, by renewing your vows and declaration of love for the queen of your heart with the Romantic Blue set. Feast your eyes on a sleek pair of platinum rings expertly made with Japanese craftsmanship, ensuring the fire of love that will last as long as your love story will – and that is forever and ever. Each ring hides a concealed vow, as a sparkling sapphire skillfully embedded within the inner circumference of the ring, always pressed firmly against the skin – marking a solemn promise of loyalty, purity and trust.

Espoir – Félicité

Material Type: 9K White Gold + Rose Gold

There’s no love equivalent on earth that could befit a mother’s love, but look up to the heavenly skies for inspiration. Here’s a gift of motherhood which is presented and lovely wrapped in joy and tied up with magical moments – behold, the Félicité matching ring and pendant. Artfully crafted in 9K and palladium, the Félicité set features a playful design of dainty bows studded with sparkling diamonds, exclusive for the everlasting love of a woman who retains her youthful spirit throughout all of life’s seasons. Give her the sweetest promise of a series of happy-ever-after as she takes a loving glance at the set as she sets her days.


Here’s a woman like no other, who wears elegance like the most breathtaking of gowns no matter whether she’s dressed up or down, who’s immaculately sophisticated yet down-to-earth, who’s loving and kind yet blessed with a strength and tenacity of spirit. These are the superb and admiring qualities that only motherhood endows.

Simplicité is uniquely created for the woman who needs no extravagant finery to highlight her beauty. She mightily confident and sure of herself and it shows in her aura of positivity.

The collection features a delicate necklace significantly wrought in the extravagant 18k rose gold. It’s hard not to fall in love with the clean, minimalist lines that make for a versatile modern-looking collection – one can easily and swiftly take an outfit from day to night with ease and sophistication.

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