It’s Christmas, a delightful season to celebrate all the finest things in life. It is our honour to bring forth the joy and merriment to your loved ones with Goldheart’s meticulously curated jewellery pieces.

Crown Pendant (Promesse Collection)

Gold type: 18K
Weight: 0.83g

Behold, a rather unique way to renew the Love & Romance in your life this wonderful season – the Crown Pendant from the Promesse collection. The utmost precise craftmanship in the rare heart-shaped diamond exudes the power of love, passion and commitment. The pendant is bestowed with the purity and brilliance of 18k white gold, making it an irresistible gift to cherish.

Eternal Ring

Gold type: 18K
Weight: 2.81g

Timeless love will forever be etched in our hearts, as Goldheart’s Eternal Ring represents the notion of the greatest passion. Featuring a combination of the bow/ribbon in both white and rose gold, the ring showcases an enduring design that has been featured since the 17th century, and has amazingly stood to the test of time.  Set with the brilliance of the diamonds, the ring exemplifies strength and the power of alluring love.

Stella Bracelet

Gold type: 18K
Weight: 1.36g
Length: 19cm

Embrace your inner strength and channel your outstanding energy with our Stella bracelet. Derived from the Latin word for “Star”, the bracelet let you shine with the sleek and simplicity of the 18k Rose Gold. The striking star shape in the middle of the bracelet amplifies the charm that it holds. Be outstanding this festive season with Stella, and bring out the bold and confident streaks in you.

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