Le Lumiere- The Everlasting Bond

 Exemplified like a diamond forming within the earth’s womb, our loving parents nurture, protect and cherish their young ones to adulthood and beyond. However, to stick together through thick and thin, from sickness and health requires another special relationship; the bond of love from one parent to another.


Le Lumiere – Diamonds of Light is committed to deliver the highest standards of excellence, presenting upon you a fabulous gemstone that encapsulates the divine beauty of the heavens intertwined with the elegant strength of a jewel formed under pressure deep within the earth’s womb. These Royal, regal rings are truly pieces worthy of the queen of your heart, the love of your life.

Be it as wife or mother, the Royal rings are fitting adornments for the woman who shines in every facet of her life, as she undergoes every bit of transformation that life requires of her. By ensuring that each diamond is carefully selected and undergoes a stringent 60 points quality control inspection that differentiates our peerless diamonds amongst the rest, Le Lumiere sets an exemplary standard for all of our pieces. Each and every one of the Royal ring features sparkling sapphires and Le Lumiere’s signature 8 hearts and 8 arrows diamonds set in 18k white gold, a perfect adornment to the delicate fingers of your loved one.


At Le Lumiere, every diamond is meticulously cut with precise angles, symmetry and proportions to ensure its facets reflect light, exhibiting an extraordinary sparkle and brilliance. This is remarkably exemplified in the Luxé pendant, as the lady of your life deserves all the luxuries and the finest of grandeur life has to offer her.

Featuring the stunning brilliance of two round diamonds embedded in a princess halo setting and encircled by 16 delicate pave diamonds for a striking showcase of their true beauty, the Luxé pendant is available in both 18k rose gold and white gold. The Luxé pendant is an epitome of a loving gesture, from one heart to another – a pure love that comes only from the purest of soul.


A passionate heart deserves the truest form of rapture, and here lies Passion, a ring made just for the lady of your heart who shines with understated elegance and a quiet beauty. Here’s an ode for the love of your life who is a light in the darkness and representing the sparkly diamond in the rough.

At Le Lumiere – Diamonds of Light, we strive to place greater emphasis on a diamond’s Ideal Proportions, Perfect Hearts and Arrows symmetry with GIA 3 Excellent grading to deliver the optimum display of scintillating brilliance that all generations would love and revere.

Here’s your ultimate chance to express your adoration for your life partner with the Passion’s delicate beauty that features an 18k white gold band and the scintillating brilliance of a 0.35 carat diamond nestled in a 4-claw setting.

Let her be reminded every day that she’s your one and only, who is a treasure beyond measure with this classically-designed diamond ring. Throughout the years, seasons may pass but a Le Lumiere diamond is forever – just like your love for her.

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