Limited-edition Gold Coins Collection in Commemoration of WWF-Malaysia 50th Anniversary

They are shiny, they are one-of-a-kind; they are the exclusive gold coins collection from Tomei, in commemoration of WWF-Malaysia’s 50th Anniversary.
To enhance public awareness about the importance of environmental and wildlife conservation, Tomei has chosen to highlight four important species to conserve in Malaysia, namely the Malayan tiger, Bornean orangutan, Bornean elephant, and sea turtles. We have engraved these endangered species on the gold coins, and attached a pamphlet to share the importance of these four species to the environment. Each set is assigned with a unique serial number to maintain exclusivity, as there are only 300 sets available. 
Taking the efforts to conserve our living planet to heart, Tomei has used all environmentally-friendly materials to produce the gold coins and their containers – from the use of recycled gold, certified Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) paper products, to using biodegradable items. These are all socially beneficial and all efforts were made to be consciously environmentally and economically sustainable. 
Tomei has taken the stand of using recycled gold as it is a sustainable commodity. With our customers playing their part in trading-in their precious gold, the environment can be protected from additional harm as gold retains and never decreases its value. 
Thanks to our loyal and precious customers, 2% of the total proceeds will be channeled towards WWF-Malaysia’s conservation efforts in the country. 
Grab this opportunity to invest in wise and worthwhile investment and watch it grow while looking after our environment. For more info on the gold coins collection, kindly chat with us at or visit any Tomei outlet.
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