Love Knows No Boundaries

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Some people are destined to be together, and no obstacles and challenges can keep them apart. The heartfelt love stories of these couples will surely thaw even the hardest of hearts, as they represent inspirations and devotion of true love.

Some found love at an early age, but not realising he or she is THE ONE, until years later. Some however, knew straight away and found love at the very first sight.

Ella Chen and Alvin Lai

Ella Chen is a Taiwanese singer, actress, and TV host who is married to Alvin Lai, a Malaysian businessman.

Ella’s perspective on the world began to shift when Alvin entered her life. After their marriage, the husband started to show her the essentiality of understanding and tolerance, nurturing a perfect life that belongs to them both. In the journey of love, sharing and communicating are the key elements that lead to understanding. Therefore, they often share their thoughts in daily life to ensure they are always on the same page.

A word from Ella:

“He is the person who taught me the importance of
loving someone and being loved.”

Datuk Lee Chong Wei and Datin Wong Mew Choo

Datuk Lee Chong Wei is a Malaysian hero, known worldwide for his powerful badminton skills and has won many accolades and awards. He found his soulmate in Datin Wong Mew Choo, who is also a Malaysian former badminton singles player. They got married in November 2012. The magnificent couple is blessed with 2 children.

Their love was tested when Chong Wei was diagnosed with nose cancer in 2019, ending his 19-year-long international badminton career. But Mew Choo stood by him, supported and loved him in every way she could. He was given an all-clear by his doctors recently, and has started to play badminton again, with Mew Choo cheering by his side.

Chong Wei sings high praises for his wife, and penned a lovely message to her on their ninth anniversary:

I never knew I know how to dream. Until I met you”.

Dr Jezamine Lim & Harith Iskander

A heart of gold Dr Jezamine Lim and her husband, a world class comedian, Harith Iskander tied knot since 2010.  A couple from different faith has been through bumpy road and struggles to get together and now blessed with 3 wonderful children.

Their love never stops there. They share their love and compassion to all over Malaysia, carry out rescue missions and helping people in need.

“Never easy for a couple to work together, but the good side of it, we have a common goal, we celebrate success together and when shit happens, we know we’ve got each other’s back. And that’s when we grow as a couple.”

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