The Glitter Of A Mother’s Love

When you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know. Tomei features these white gold items that shine bright like a mother’s love, for you to gift to your dearest mum this Mother’s Day.

White Gold Ribbon Pendant

Material Type: 18K White Gold
Weight: 1.08g

Ribbons have been used as a symbol to express love for centuries, not only the love between lovers, but also the love between family members. Gift this white gold ribbon to your mom, who loves you the most.

White Gold Round Pearl Earrings

Material Type: 18K White Gold + South Sea Pearl
Weight: 3.86g

Mother is like the shell of an oyster, blocking every possible damage from the outer side, protecting and nurturing her children so that they will shine one day. Pearl is the best gift to appreciate the contribution of a mother.

White Gold Heart of Diamonds Ring

Material Type: 14K White Gold
Weight: 2.26g

Diamonds are everlasting, when they formed in the shape of a heart, it represents the symbol of eternal love. This love exists in both couples and between mother and child. Use this Heart of Diamond as a token of appreciation to the woman who gave all her love to you.

White Gold Heart of Diamond Bangle

Material Type: 18K White Gold
Weight: 13.07g
Length: 45x55mm

Love begins when two hearts meet, forming into a family when the two hearts are bounded as one. Remember to say thank you to your wife for all the hardships she has been through as a mother. This Heart of Diamond bangle is the perfect gift to appreciate the contribution of her staying by your side.

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