The Traditional Chinese Symbol of Wealth

Ancient coins and abacuses are important elements in the history of business for the Chinese and are regarded as cultural heritage in recent days. They are presented as important emblems for the Chinese, believed to bring good fortune and wealth.
916 Gold Pendant: The Symbol of Wealth
916 gold
This yellow gold pendant combines the 3 iconic symbols of wealth from the Chinese tradition: gourd, Chinese ancient coins, and abacus. It bestows numerous blessings to the person who puts it on – protection and good fortune from the gourd; wealth and abundance from the Chinese ancient coins; and the ability to accumulate wealth from the abacus.
Abacus 916 Gold Pendant
916 gold
Abacus is an outstanding cultural and scientific heritage of Chinese culture, invented by the Sage of Calculation more than 1800 years ago. It has played an important role in the promotion of economic and cultural development, especially for the Chinese. The design of this gold abacus is surrounded by gold coins to signify the magnetism of wealth to the person who puts the pendant on.
Ancient Coins 916 Gold Ring
916 gold
Ancient Chinese coins were once used as currency, so it’s obvious that they symbolise wealth and plenty. Therefore, the coin is a symbol of good fortune in Chinese culture. It makes a meaningful gift because prayers accompany it for the receiver’s safety, health, happiness, and success in all endeavors.
Abacus 916 Gold Ring
916 gold
The gold abacus ring symbolises wealth, prosperity and good fortune. The abacus ring will move in tandem with the wearer’s daily activities and routines. The movement of the rings is believed to increase wealth and business opportunities. Therefore, it is a gift with the symbolic meaning of prosperity and fine-tuning, as well as prosperity and wealth.
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