Expand your jewellery collections with these charms in delightful festive designs. With each charm added, happiness will follow suit.

Christmas Tree Charm

Gold type: 916
Weight: 2.5g

Christmas trees, or pine/fir trees, are symbols for winter festivals, as they are plants that would last all year round, and are believed to protect the house from evil spirits and illness. People believe that they would be protected and guarded as these plants would remain green throughout the year. As such, may this little golden Christmas tree protect you all year long.

Christmas Wreath Charm

Gold type: 916
Weight: 2.7g

Traditionally the Christmas Wreath is said to represent the wheel of the year, in recognition of the fact that the darkness and winter cold will eventually fade away. Back in the Roman times, they represented victory and success. The symbolism is still evident today, with a symbol of the laurel wreath being engraved onto Olympic medals.

Candy Cane Charm

Gold type: 916
Weight: 2.49g

The Candy Cane takes the shape of a shepherd’s crook, and it was originally made with a stick of pure white hard candy which symbolizes purity. Candy cane has always been the favourite gift for children during the Living Crèche tradition of Christmas Eve for centuries.

Christmas Owl Charm

Gold type: 916
Weight: 2.37g

Christmas owls has been one of the popular symbols of wisdom since the ancient times, because they look so thoughtful and serious. These birds have the ability to see in the dark, and they represent seeing through the darkness of ignorance. Nowadays, owls are becoming the dominant species in the world of winter festivities.

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