Trending Full Moon Baby Celebration

In Chinese, the phrase “full moon” refers to a baby’s first month of life. On this day, mothers will complete their confinement period and regain good health and strength for long-awaited visits.

A generation or two ago, parents would send a gift box to relatives and friends before the full moon arrives to spread their wishes and happiness. But when it comes to today’s age, they will hold a party to have a proper ceremony and share the joy and happiness with all the guests.

Some parents will even create a social media account for their children to keep a record of their growth, such as Hong Kong star Sam Lee Chan’s daughter Lucy. Her Instagram has already gained nearly 380000 followers, and now her fame has surpassed that of her parents, as she becomes the new child star in the advertising industry!

Today’s parents are more creative and artistic. Upon celebrating the full moon, the party will have a variety of themes – but balloons, flowers and cakes are a must. Disney characters are among the most popular themes as children and parents adore fairy tales. Some parents will style their baby based on their favourite cosplay character. Some will even create weird and funny styles of costumes based on the baby’s zodiac sign.

Apart from taking creative photos and decorations, a must-have in the full moon party is handprints from the baby and frames to commemorate the birth of a new life. Finally, when we wish the baby all the best life could offer, let’s not forget the mother who has carried her baby for over nine months. For it is because of her greatness and brave efforts, that the baby was born.

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