A symbol of true love

A symbol of true love and an undying commitment, Tomei 916 (22K) yellow gold signifies the strong connection and bond you have with the woman who means the world to you. Showcase your love with Tomei that dazzles as much as she does.

916 Yellow Gold I LOVE YOU Ring

Gold Type: 916 Gold
Weight: 2.37g

“Tonight I celebrate my love for you,
It seems the natural thing to do…”

For this upcoming Valentine’s Day, show your significant other that your love for her is as robust as gold. Celebrate your golden and glorious love with this Tomei 916(22K) I Love You ring. May your love always be strong and eternal like gold, which will not get tarnished or corroded by the flow of time!

5D Gold Bound by Love Bracelet

Gold Type: 999 Gold
Weight: 6.64g

The perfect love is not about two perfect people. It is about two imperfect people completing each other, two hearts fusing as one to battle the challenges in life. For this Valentine’s Day, get your loved one this Tomei 916(22K) Heart Bracelet to show that your hearts will always be merged and you will always live your lives together as one loving couple!

916 Yellow Gold Clover Butterfly Necklace

Gold Type: 916 Gold
Weight: 1.7g

Butterflies are known for being loyal partners to their better halves. Four-leaf clovers symbolise love, marriage and good fortune. This Tomei 916(22K) Butterfly and Four-Leaf Clover Pendant Necklace is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone. Get one now!

916 Yellow Gold Paris Eiffel Tower Necklace

Gold Type: 916 Gold
Weight: 6.54g
Length: 45cm

The Eiffel Tower is a renowned icon for love and romance. For this Valentine’s Day, get your loved one this Tomei 916(22K) Eiffel Tower Pendant Necklace. Tell her, “You are the only one whom Eiffel Tower reminds me of.”

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