Gifts as unique as your love.

It’s Valentine’s Day, the predestined time of the year to prove you are the romantic maestro who are deeply besotted with your beloved. These unique gifts will surely grant your day together with a dash of romance.
The Mother of Pearl collection denotes an alluring enchantment of the owner’s love and passion. It brings out one’s kindness and awakens the feeling of affection. It is the perfect gemstone used to improve relationships and ignite the sparks between couples.
Gift Guide

18K Rose Gold Mother of Pearl Collection


Gold Type: 18K Rose Gold
Weight: 1.89g
Length: 42+3cm


Gold Type: 18K Rose Gold
Weight: 1.57g
Length: 17+3cm


Material/type: 18K Rose Gold
Weight: 1.5g

18K Rose Gold Ginkgo Leaf Earrings

Gold Type: 18K Rose Gold
Weight: 1.23g

The Ginkgo stands for timeless love and hope, as one is wowed by the earrings unique symmetrical fan-shaped representing the merging of two into one. It is a symbol of pure love, expressing that two people can protect each other for a lifetime. These earrings make a perfect gift for an eternal love.

White Gold Butterfly Necklace

Gold Type: 14K + 9K White Gold
Weight: 1.39g
Length: 40cm

Butterflies have a deep connection with the souls, and as they are usually seen together, they symbolise a long-lasting commitment and eternal love. Often used as the symbol to express love and passion for the one you loved, butterflies have also been used to represent marriages and weddings since ancient Rome and were etched into coins. Put this butterfly necklace on her to show your love.

9K White Gold 1314 Necklace

Gold Type: 9K White Gold
Weight: 2.49g

The combination of “1314” carries the meaning of “love you for the rest of my life”. It’s the most romantic combination which shows your eternal love for your beloved. It’s a love so powerful that nothing in the world can stop the intense feelings that two people have for each other. 

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