A perfect timing – Pantone has just recently announced the yearly colour trend report. Let’s have a look at these trendy colours of 2022 for the fashion design trends during the upcoming London Fashion Week.

Pantone has announced “Very Peri” as colour of the year 2022, and for the first time in history, it created its own colour of the year. It was done to reflect the global innovation and transformation which are taking place. The shade of Very Peri gives the colour of lilac and lavender, offering a calming sense during a chaotic time, displaying a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence.

The increased interest in the metaverse and gaming platforms helped to inspire this Colour of the Year 2022. With the aid of digital design, the present limitations are now stretchable to a new height.

Here are the Pantone Fashion Colour Trends of Spring & Summer 2022 that will take your style to the next level.

The colour of Skydiver reminds people the beauty of the skies. The dark blue Skydiver not only provides us with the sense of security, but also the courage to venture out and reach for new heights.

These elements are what we need to say good bye to the pandemic and head over to the new norm/ new life in the year 2022.

Gossamer Pink, the favourite colour for most girls, is filled with adequate vitality and unlimited source of energy. It encourages us to always have the curiosity to explore new things.

May an innocent girl live in the heart of every grown-up woman, preserving her pure heart to the world.

Poinciana Red displays the firm feeling of dominance, confidence and maturity of a strong woman.

Often times, bold and successful women tend to wear red high heels and lipstick. It’s a perfect combo to strut her stylish catwalk in her own rhythm – in life and at her workplace.

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