Fashion has a touch of romance in our lives. It seems like Classic will be the trending topic in 2022, as trendy ornaments provide plenty of different expressions with chain and circle elements.

916 Gold Anastasia Bangle

Gold type: 916
Weight: 15.17g

Classic and simplicity are the key elements of the bangle, bestowing an everlasting beauty to the person who put it on. This stylishly precious yellow gold bracelet interlaced two different sizes of loops, a reminder of the constantly moving desire of two hearts, preciously in love with one another.

Cosmic and Astronaut Chomel Charms

The cosmic and astronaut collection reminds everyone to never stop fighting for their dreams. The night skies may be far away, but our dreams are always reachable. May everyone who owns a cosmic charm finds his/her star, and dreams from the broad galaxy.

916 Gold Minimalist Butterfly Necklace

Gold type: 916
Weight: 4.55g

Butterflies begin their new lives from transformation, reminding us to always move a step forward for us to experience life. Alongside the golden butterfly pendant, the different designs of the golden chain simply indicate that self-improvement is one of the keys that brings us to a better path.

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